Logo Design For Roofing Company

logo design for local roofer in rotherhamWe recently received a call from Aston Roofing, a Rotherham based roofing company looking to make an impression online. The owner / director of the firm, Mr Gary Myers was much like the majority of our clients from the trade industry, understanding the importance of professional branding and the internet, but not really knowing enough about it to know where to go and what to do, needless to say Gary had a mulitude of questions which our team were happy to help with, but this got us thinking, if Gary has these questions, and so many of our clients before him had similar, if not the exact same questions then perhaps we can help, so, here, in this blog post we have put together a list of questions and answers for all things “logo design for roofers”

I don’t know anything about Roofing

There’s no shame or harm in asking questions, had I called Gary to help with my flat roofing in Rotherham i’d likely have a thousand questions to ask too, I know absolutely nothing about flat roofs, i’d need help with everything from knowing what material is on my roof already, what’s involved in a roof survey to what the best material is for my flat roof, we all have our skill sets so whilst I hope this blog post helps answer any questions you may have concerning logo design for roofers if, upon reading the post you still have questions feel free to give us a call and we’ll be happy to help and answer any questions you may have.

FAQ’s For Roofing Logo Design

Whilst this post has been written to help roofing companies in their quest for a great new business logo many of the questions and answers are directly transferrable to other industries…….

Q: How Much will a new roofing logo cost?

A: Usually question number 1, and why not? Cost is important, especially when it comes to working with small businesses which is often the case with roofers. Our logo designs for roofers start at just £69.

Q: How long will a new roofing logo take to create?

A: This will depend on the detail of your spec, a full spec with a clear idea of what it is your looking for along with a couple of examples of other logos that you like the look of and your first concept can be created in as little as 3 days, for customers looking for guidance and a little support with concepts you should allow for at least 7 days for the first roofing logo concept.

Q: What is the best colour scheme to use for a roofing logo?

A: There’s no right or wrong answer to this question, as a general rule of thumb, in the roofing industry, alngside many other industries, especially trade based businesses we tend to advise you stay away from red and black for your logo design as red represents danger and on a subliminal level this has been proven to resonate with humans at some level. However, if, as was the case with Aston Roofing your company is already branded as red and black, with business cards, websites, company vans and the like already branded in this way then the safest bet is to “stick not twist” you can’t really have a beautiful new blue roofing logo designed and add it to your black and red website so our advice is always to design your logo in your company colours, if your a new business to pick light warm colours for your roofing logo if your already branded to red and black we can help make this work well for your company logo without concern.

Q: Where would I advertise my new roofing logo and why?

A: Branding is a vital component of any business advertising, from corproate entities to one man bands, it doesnt matter if your a local roofer or the CEO of microsoft, professionla branding s always going to be vital to business success and a large part of that is your logo, so its important to get it right. You’ll dispaly your roofing logo on business cards and letterheads, at the top of quotes and invoices, proudly front and centre on your website, any directory listings you pay for, social media profiles such as facebook and linked in and if your work vehicles are sign written your new roofing logo will play a big role in getting your business noticed around town.…