logo for an electricianHaving spent over a decade within the industry working with tradesmen of all descriptions, it’s readily apparent that one of the hardest tasks an electrician faces when it comes to effective branding is coming up with the right logo design. As design often deals primarily with aesthetic matters that are inherently subjective in nature, this can result in countless meeting hours, seemingly fruitless discussions and even arguments amongst colleagues over the best way in which to perfectly portray themselves positively as a reliable electrical contractor via a small reproducible image. What often gets lost in such discussions is what really matters – what the customer will think. Electricians involved in running their own business can often get so heavily caught up in what they think is best and what they think is right as a result of personal pride, when in actual fact they should be investing far more attention into what their current clients and potential clients will think.


Clear, Concise Associations

It’s often the case that many designers and marketing managers believe that a logo doesn’t have to mean anything, but I think it’s a bigger challenge with a far more rewarding payoff to actually depict a product with a logo that Joe Bloggs will ‘get’ right away. Why? Because that’s how ‘normal’ people think… they are naturally inclined to try to figure out what such images ‘mean’. For instance, if you are designing a logo for an electrician, customers are naturally going to want to see something depicting electricity in some way. If an electrician logo doesn’t incorporate iconic imagery relevant to their own industry, then it will be far harder for them to capture the imagination of their customers as they are mostly selling a service and not a physical product. What happens in practice is often an exercise in confirmation bias. Some electricians would rather that the logo spoke to them as opposed to their customer base, and as such the message can often get lost in translation. What’s required to avoid these pitfalls is an image which conveys a clear, concise association with a familiar object.


Eye-Catching, Thought Provoking Logo Designs

Take a recent design project I worked on for MCD’s Electrical & Son E PM Ltd, a lovely firm of Doncaster electricians. The original design that had been proposed to the owner by another graphic designer simply displayed his company name in some admittedly rather nice lettering – it looked crisp and professional. However, it had zero immediate impact. It’s vital to have an eye-catching logo to draw the attention of your potential customers. Competition amongst electrical contractors is stiff and even at a local level, if you have a bland logo then you’re going to be losing a lot of business to electricians who are more effective at visually communicating their message. So we started with the basic message that they wanted to convey – what are they all about? As a family run enterprise, we felt that it was important to incorporate an element of the domestic into the design, something that their customer base could identify with as something relevant to themselves as homeowners. Of all the images associated with the domestic usage of electricity, an image of the humble light bulb serves as a powerful symbol. This carefully considered combination of design elements presents the image of a company who cares about the every day electrical workings of the home. It makes MCD’s Electrical & Son E PM Ltd. seem approachable, that no job will be considered too small and that as a family run business they will understand the importance of taking care of domestic electrical problems. In short, this is an electrician which other families will want to use instead of their competitors.

How to Really Put the Spark in an Electrician Logo