How to Really Put the Spark in an Electrician Logo

logo for an electricianHaving spent over a decade within the industry working with tradesmen of all descriptions, it’s readily apparent that one of the hardest tasks an electrician faces when it comes to effective branding is coming up with the right logo design. As design often deals primarily with aesthetic matters that are inherently subjective in nature, this can result in countless meeting hours, seemingly fruitless discussions and even arguments amongst colleagues over the best way in which to perfectly portray themselves positively as a reliable electrical contractor via a small reproducible image. What often gets lost in such discussions is what really matters – what the customer will think. Electricians involved in running their own business can often get so heavily caught up in what they think is best and what they think is right as a result of personal pride, when in actual fact they should be investing far more attention into what their current clients and potential clients will think.


Clear, Concise Associations

It’s often the case that many designers and marketing managers believe that a logo doesn’t have to mean anything, but I think it’s a bigger challenge with a far more rewarding payoff to actually depict a product with a logo that Joe Bloggs will ‘get’ right away. Why? Because that’s how ‘normal’ people think… they are naturally inclined to try to figure out what such images ‘mean’. For instance, if you are designing a logo for an electrician, customers are naturally going to want to see something depicting electricity in some way. If an electrician logo doesn’t incorporate iconic imagery relevant to their own industry, then it will be far harder for them to capture the imagination of their customers as they are mostly selling a service and not a physical product. What happens in practice is often an exercise in confirmation bias. Some electricians would rather that the logo spoke to them as opposed to their customer base, and as such the message can often get lost in translation. What’s required to avoid these pitfalls is an image which conveys a clear, concise association with a familiar object.


Eye-Catching, Thought Provoking Logo Designs

Take a recent design project I worked on for MCD’s Electrical & Son E PM Ltd, a lovely firm of Doncaster electricians. The original design that had been proposed to the owner by another graphic designer simply displayed his company name in some admittedly rather nice lettering – it looked crisp and professional. However, it had zero immediate impact. It’s vital to have an eye-catching logo to draw the attention of your potential customers. Competition amongst electrical contractors is stiff and even at a local level, if you have a bland logo then you’re going to be losing a lot of business to electricians who are more effective at visually communicating their message. So we started with the basic message that they wanted to convey – what are they all about? As a family run enterprise, we felt that it was important to incorporate an element of the domestic into the design, something that their customer base could identify with as something relevant to themselves as homeowners. Of all the images associated with the domestic usage of electricity, an image of the humble light bulb serves as a powerful symbol. This carefully considered combination of design elements presents the image of a company who cares about the every day electrical workings of the home. It makes MCD’s Electrical & Son E PM Ltd. seem approachable, that no job will be considered too small and that as a family run business they will understand the importance of taking care of domestic electrical problems. In short, this is an electrician which other families will want to use instead of their competitors.…

Logo Design For Roofing Company

logo design for local roofer in rotherhamWe recently received a call from Aston Roofing, a Rotherham based roofing company looking to make an impression online. The owner / director of the firm, Mr Gary Myers was much like the majority of our clients from the trade industry, understanding the importance of professional branding and the internet, but not really knowing enough about it to know where to go and what to do, needless to say Gary had a mulitude of questions which our team were happy to help with, but this got us thinking, if Gary has these questions, and so many of our clients before him had similar, if not the exact same questions then perhaps we can help, so, here, in this blog post we have put together a list of questions and answers for all things “logo design for roofers”

I don’t know anything about Roofing

There’s no shame or harm in asking questions, had I called Gary to help with my flat roofing in Rotherham i’d likely have a thousand questions to ask too, I know absolutely nothing about flat roofs, i’d need help with everything from knowing what material is on my roof already, what’s involved in a roof survey to what the best material is for my flat roof, we all have our skill sets so whilst I hope this blog post helps answer any questions you may have concerning logo design for roofers if, upon reading the post you still have questions feel free to give us a call and we’ll be happy to help and answer any questions you may have.

FAQ’s For Roofing Logo Design

Whilst this post has been written to help roofing companies in their quest for a great new business logo many of the questions and answers are directly transferrable to other industries…….

Q: How Much will a new roofing logo cost?

A: Usually question number 1, and why not? Cost is important, especially when it comes to working with small businesses which is often the case with roofers. Our logo designs for roofers start at just £69.

Q: How long will a new roofing logo take to create?

A: This will depend on the detail of your spec, a full spec with a clear idea of what it is your looking for along with a couple of examples of other logos that you like the look of and your first concept can be created in as little as 3 days, for customers looking for guidance and a little support with concepts you should allow for at least 7 days for the first roofing logo concept.

Q: What is the best colour scheme to use for a roofing logo?

A: There’s no right or wrong answer to this question, as a general rule of thumb, in the roofing industry, alngside many other industries, especially trade based businesses we tend to advise you stay away from red and black for your logo design as red represents danger and on a subliminal level this has been proven to resonate with humans at some level. However, if, as was the case with Aston Roofing your company is already branded as red and black, with business cards, websites, company vans and the like already branded in this way then the safest bet is to “stick not twist” you can’t really have a beautiful new blue roofing logo designed and add it to your black and red website so our advice is always to design your logo in your company colours, if your a new business to pick light warm colours for your roofing logo if your already branded to red and black we can help make this work well for your company logo without concern.

Q: Where would I advertise my new roofing logo and why?

A: Branding is a vital component of any business advertising, from corproate entities to one man bands, it doesnt matter if your a local roofer or the CEO of microsoft, professionla branding s always going to be vital to business success and a large part of that is your logo, so its important to get it right. You’ll dispaly your roofing logo on business cards and letterheads, at the top of quotes and invoices, proudly front and centre on your website, any directory listings you pay for, social media profiles such as facebook and linked in and if your work vehicles are sign written your new roofing logo will play a big role in getting your business noticed around town.…

Graphic Design Projects For Gas Engineers

plumbing and heating logo designPlumbing Logo Design: Our designers create stunning logo and header image designs for plumbers and heating engineers throughout the UK.

Ethereal Attic is a graphic and logo design company with only one goal in mind, we help our plumbing clients grow by creating clean, sleek and eye catching logos and other branding graphics. Whether you just need a high quality logo for your heating business or you need a full branding package covering social media banners, website design and vechicle graphics we cover everything in house and offer great designs at affordable prices to local plumbers.

3 Tips For Your New Plumbing & Heating Logo

Your logo represents your business through your website, business cards, your sign written van in many cases and throughout your marketing materials, getting it right is essential but often easier said than done.

You need your plumbing logo to not only be memorable, but also ensure it gives your customers a sense of what your business represents at a quick glance.


Here are 3 easy steps to take which should help you in your quest for the perfect plumbing logo design:


warm air replacements logo on van1. Hire a Professional

You’ll no doubt have a ton of ideas swirling round your head for your new plumbing and heating bsuinesses logo but getting it out of your head and into a design program, or even on paper is the tricky part, it requires the work of a professional, much like designing and installing a central heating system requires the work of a professional engineer, homeowners know what they need, have an idea of what they want, but doing it needs a pro!

Start by searching the web for logo design companies who have portfolios of previous logos they have designed. Knowing your plumbing logo is in the hands of a company who has a good portfolio and preferably has designed local plumbing and heating logos previously is a good place to start and will give you added peace of mind. Here at EtherReal Attic we have designed over 100 plumbing and heating logos for busineses ranging from small one man operations to large heating contractors covering vast regions like our latest client, Warm Air Replacements & Heating Services, an engineer servicing Hull who specialises in a range of plumbing and heating services, they needed a vector file plumbing logo for use on their website, vehicle graphics and other online marketing materials, we were happy to oblige!

2. Know What You Get

So, you’ve found a great designer with a fantastic logo design portfolio but what’s next? You’ll need to know what’s included in the price. Will you be able to make any revisions and edits to the initial design? how will the file be delivered? jpeg format, Png with transparancy, vector file so you can blow the logo up for van signage and lettering?

Make sure you know exactly what your getting, preferably in writing prior to making a commitment, this will help to ensure that the design of your plumbing and heating logo runs smoothly with no unwelcome surprises down the line.

Knowing exactly what your getting (in writing) will help your plumbing logo design project run smoothly from start to finish.


3. Communicate Your Needs Clearly

Your plumbing logo design is a need which requires a solution. If the need is clear, the solution will likewise be clear. Make sure you communicate your needs clearly and be as precies and give as much information as you possibly can including:

Your company name, tagline/short description of services, target market, where your business is located, any logos you have found which you like the look of online, the style your going for ( local family business, big well established company,  corporate provider) and color scheme.

Laying out these specifics from the outset before the design of ryour new plumbing logo begins will give your designer more direction and help ensure that the outcome is as you want it.


Good Luck With Your New Plumbing Logo

At this point, you will be well on your way to a final product of your plumbing logo design that is professional, memorable and marketable! Contact us today if you’d like to discuss your plumbing logo with our team…

Qualities Of A Professional Graphic Designer

At Ethereal Attic, many have asked us what are the qualities that make a professional graphic designer? What are the processes that our expert graphic designers follow for becoming in-demand designers? What is our secret to success? There isn’t any simple, secret formula for success. Instead, we possess a plethora of qualities common to successful graphic designers, and we have taken the time to elaborate on some of them below:

Proper Communication

We don’t just carry out the task of communicating the ideas, stories and brands of our clients, Ethereal Attic also takes on the considerable responsibility of presenting their work in a positive light to encourage future business. Therefore, good graphic designers are professional in almost all situations, and they are also transparent with their clients.


Our expert in-house graphic designers are extremely curious about their surroundings, and have a great fondness and passion for art. Great graphic designers always look further than the surface and discover minuscule details while having an overall view at the same time.

Professional Graphic Designers Continue to Learn

At Ethereal Attic, our professional graphic designers absorb everything, get notes and always keep trying new and exclusive things. They never stop learning despite the fact that they have gained tremendous experience and skill in the area that they serve. They are open to suggestions and advice and always listen to the ones who are more experienced and capable.

Always Inspired

The vast majority of the talented and skilled graphic designers in the industry remain updated about everything that is happening in the world of designs. We continue to keep ourselves well informed at Ethereal Attic, and we continually draw inspiration from new graphic design concepts. We exhaustively search for new sources of information and inspiration.…

Choosing the Best Graphics Design Company for Your Business

Experts are of the view that every business requires a kind of watertight technique for achieving success. However, many businesses do not know the real meaning of a watertight method. It involves communicating with the target market and using the right marketing materials. Many businesses do not have in-house teams for producing the right marketing materials or the right sources for communicating with their target audiences. This is a situation when businesses require the services of a reputable graphic design company. At Ethereal Attic, we excel in creating standout and beautiful designs. They help in making a huge influence on the future of any business. So, what makes us the right choice when it comes to choosing a graphic design company?

Experience is the Key

One of the most important factors to take into account is our extensive industry experience, which most importantly demonstrates a consistent track record of success. It’s crucial to enlist the services of a company that possesses good experience in graphic designing. The experience of a company matters greatly when it comes to high quality output.

Possesses the Ability to deliver Top Quality Outputs

At Ethereal Attic, our expert designers are extremely adept at delivering top quality assignments within deadlines. We also have a team of talented QC personnel, who possess the ability to both monitor and help the other graphic designers in creating top quality results.

It is also important for you to evaluate both the work procedures and the work portfolio of a graphic design company before making your final decision.